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Upskill your workforce in under 4 minutes

Tribuco Knowledge base allows you to distribute health and safety micro training induction videos, toolbox talks and quality control training straight to your employees’ mobile devices.

Choose from hundreds of high quality, ready-made health & safety or health and wellbeing micro videos – or create your own – then send them to your workforce and track their training progress.

What is Tribuco?

Train and educate your staff and contractors with Tribuco Knowledge Base Microtraining.

From company inductions to toolbox talks and quality control training, Tribuco Knowledge Base provides you with an easy-to-use system to distribute and monitor health and safety and quality control training throughout your organisation.

Choose from the Tribuco Knowledge Base library of ready-made Microtraining videos or videos bespoke to your organisation or individual sites.

Discover how much on site training and
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  • Direct to your workforce: Replace costly and time-consuming on site training with virtual Microtraining delivered directly to staff and contractors
  • Right first time: Ensure consistent messages, leaving no room for misinterpretation or miscommunication
  • Easy to monitor: Keep track of all your health & safety and quality control in one place, with easy to access online training audit trails
  • Flexible: Making training easy to complete and understand with concise videos which can be accessed at any time via a mobile phone/tablet

What our customers are saying

As a company, we have really embraced Tribuco. It is an immensely helpful product that meets our company’s H&S training requirements and development needs perfectly.

We are incredibly happy with our investment. It is exactly what we have been looking for without even realising how much we needed it.

Durham flooring has found the Tribuco app to be an invaluable addition to staff training especially in light of the recent Covid 19 Pandemic, allowing us to get guidance and advice to our staff in easy to understand format, also allowing us to check straight away if the guidelines have been viewed and understood.

Going forward will use the app in addition to our health & safety system for bespoke site to site safety guidance and to create job specific training videos to ensure fitting standards and procedures are maintained. A great one stop shop for visual and verbal guidance.

Using the Tribuco knowledge base app has reduced our site health & safety induction training times from approximately 50 minutes to under 10 minutes; this alone made it worth signing up to!

Not only have we saved time, but also the hassle and cost of arranging and delivering training, the whole experience has been a positive one.

Tribuco knowledge base is transforming the way we manage our staff training, safeguarding and information sharing. Creating and sharing videos to embed knowledge, awareness and understanding of key information has not only allowed easier access to training and information but also ensured a clear and accurate record of staff engagement.

Feedback from staff is extremely positive highlighting ease of use, readily available access and stronger recall of information. We are at the beginning of our Tribuco knowledge base journey and already excited at the further opportunities it offers.

The Tribuco knowledge base platform and app has allowed Craig Healthcare to produce a training platform that underpins the regulatory requirements to ensure compliance is being met at the highest level. We now have the ability to produce and upload our own inhouse training videos and send them direct to our staff’s smartphones tailoring them to their individual role and responsibilities. Training can be signed off and referenced to ensure compliance is being met in a timely manner at any time through the use of this transformative app.

We are also able to meet all our training requirements in the current environment of social distancing which makes this a tool that meets and exceeds the training requirements for Care Home needs. In a highly regulated industry we know our training is delivered to the highest standard in the most efficient way possible.

Microtraining: Ideally suited for an era of hectic schedules
and short attention spans

Four Easy Steps to Get You Started with Tribuco Knowledge Base

  1. Sign up to the Tribuco online portal and enrol your staff and contractors
  1. Select your videos from our online library. Produced in association with leading experts, we’ve got all the topics covered; from health and safety basics to COSHH, occupational road risk and more. You can also upload your own bespoke content, which we can help you produce should you require us to.
  1. Assign videos to your workforce. With Tribuco it’s simple to select the right videos for the relevant people, who will receive text, email and push notifications to let them know when they’ve been assigned a video
  2. Keep track and monitor training progress with an overview of video views and quiz results


If you’d like to find out more about how Tribuco Knowledge Base can revolutionise health and safety for you, please get in touch. Complete the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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