EBOOK: Microlearning for Business

How to supercharge your employee training with the latest learning tools and technology.

Are long-winded induction sessions and toolbox talks costing your business money?

Microlearning techniques can help your workforce pick up new information faster and retain it for longer, reducing your training costs. It can also help you make training and induction fast, seamless and socially-distanced.

Discover how microlearning can benefit your business in our free ebook.

As the world continues to adjust to impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, a record number of people having to adapt to the way they work, especially when it comes to training.

There’s never been a better time to embrace the benefits of microlearning, allowing you to train employees quickly, safely, and in a way they’ll enjoy.

Microlearning is incredibly beneficial for those currently working remotely or not on-site at all. But this method of learning online also offers a number of other benefits which are quickly positioning it as one of the most effective learning tools available.

If you’re wondering what microlearning is, how it works, and how it can help your business, we’ve created a helpful beginners guide outlining everything you need to know.

What’s in the ebook?

Our “Microlearning for Business” ebook contains everything you need to know about microlearning and how it can help you train your workforce faster, keep them engaged and help them retain important information better.

You’ll find out:

  • Why a growing number of businesses are using microlearning
  • What type of content works best for microlearning
  • How to keep learners engaged and help them learn faster
  • How to build a microlearning training strategy for your own business.

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