About SecureTech Systems

SecureTech Systems is a supplier of fire, security and surveillance systems, offering supply, installation and maintenance of a range of technologies to both domestic and commercial properties.

With over 20 years’ experience in their industry, SecureTech credit their success to their commitment to building strong, lasting relationships with customers and employees alike. Working in an industry heavily governed by health and safety policy, SecureTech takes its duty of care to staff, customers and the general public very seriously, and prides itself on a strong focus on staff development.


Continuous Investment in Staff Training

While training provision within the company was always a high priority, it was time- consuming and the team found it difficult to easily monitor staff development needs. As part of their ongoing drive to develop and invest in their staff, SecureTech spoke to Tribuco to understand how they might be able to improve their approach to training delivery.

“We needed a tool that was easy to use, that would provide us with a tailored approached”, explained Colin Wrightson, Managing Director of SecureTech Systems. “It needed to be cost and time efficient, reliable and above all give us a more effective management tool for staff training and development monitoring.”

Ready-to-use training videos and robust record-keeping

“Tribuco gives us a mechanism to provide not only a very clear and thorough induction but to also see each individual employees’ H&S training needs, which is something we struggled to manage previously”, explains Colin.

“We’ve been impressed with the comprehensive set of ready-to-use online training videos as well as giving us the flexibility to deliver tailored training specific to our company’s needs.”

Process Improvements

By implementing Tribuco Knowledge Base, SecureTech Systems removed the need for lengthy in-person training sessions and cumbersome paperwork to track staff development.

Instead, interactive and informative videos enable the SecureTech team to stay up to date whilst on the go via the Tribuco Knowledge Base app, while the central management features provide a clear, auditable record for monitoring individual employee training needs.

Effortless roll-out and instant time savings

“It’s a fantastic product that has saved us time, effort and money. It’s tailored to our company giving it a wonderfully personal approach for staff. Its dynamic, easy to use and most importantly ensures our staff stay safe and empowered to do their role.”

SecureTech were also impressed by the fast, easy rollout of the system, with minimal training required to bring the team up to speed with how to use Tribuco Knowledge Base.

“Prior to Tribuco we relied heavily on staff having to spend numerous hours in the office working and reading through various lengthy training documents. Although we recognised this as an essential aspect of the role, Tribuco vastly changed how we deliver our training material. Staff no longer need to be on site or read lengthy documents.”

Looking to the future

Having seen the benefits of modernising their Health & Safety training approach with Tribuco Knowledge Base, SecureTech Systems see opportunities to push the system across even more areas of their business.

As a company we’ve really embraced Tribuco; it’s an immensely helpful product that meets our company’s H&S training and development needs perfectly.

We’re incredibly happy with our investment, it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for without even realising how much we needed it.

We plan to continue to work closely with Tribuco to explore other training and development avenues that could potentially assist staff management, not just H&S.

Colin Wrightson, Managing Director, SecureTech Systems


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