Case Study: Q&A With JLD Stone

JLD Stone is a North East based stone merchant, supplying a variety of natural stone as well as services via their team of qualified stone masons.

We caught up with Jamie Lee Bushby, Office Manager at JLD Stone, to find out how they’ve been using Tribuco Knowledge Base to manage their staff health and safety training and toolbox talks.

Firstly, tell us a bit about JLD Stone:

JLD Stone is a family run business founded 28 years ago. We have a great team of in-house stonemasons who are excellent craftsmen who all take pride in their work. We supply a wide range of stone types and finishings which we receive uncut at our production facility here at Tow Law, County Durham.

We specialise in producing quality bespoke natural stone products such as ashlar stone walling, stone heads, cills, stone fireplaces, carvings, pillars and much more. We aim to grow and improve our range of products and stock and stay updated with any new trends and requirements within our industry.

What challenges did you face with the traditional methods of health and safety training?

One of the main issues we faced administering health and safety talks was the day-to-day demands placed on our managers. Mandatory training such as toolbox talks were getting overlooked or missed due to managers forgetting due to being distracted with work duties or simply thinking someone else had done them.

We also found it challenging to manage and maintain the paperwork records of who had what training and when it was completed.

Why did you choose Tribuco Knowledge Base?

Ideally, we were looking for something that could be rolled out and quickly implemented without training or added hassle for our managers.

We wanted a fail-safe; it had to be super simple to understand, not only for us in the office but also for our staff in the workshop, something very straightforward to help with mandatory health & safety talks and quality control.

Once the system is set up, it’s literally as simple as pressing one button to send a toolbox talk to our entire workforce.  It’s also convenient when we need videos on specific training; we can select them from the video store, and once uploaded to our system, we can push them out to our staff. It’s straightforward and easy to work.

We now have a central database of all talks, training and quality control that has been presented and watched by our staff and managers.

How did you introduce Tribuco to your workforce?

We held a socially distanced meeting, explaining to all our staff how to download the app and what it’s all about.

Most staff were very open to the idea and were up and running within minutes. However, we did have to be more patient with some of our older staff members who needed a little more assistance in setting up.

The majority were just happy that they no longer had to stand around for the face-to-face talks and could now watch the short videos in their own time as and when they got them.

How has Tribuco Knowledge Base helped you as a business?

We now have the confidence that there is always an up to date comprehensive training system in place at the touch of a button for any new starters or any issues that may arise. It feels like our business is now suitably equipped with a fail-safe for basic training.

It has helped us avoid close contact with other team members due to COVID and socially distanced regulations.

We also love the JLD Stone bespoke welcome video; this video gives out precisely the right message and tone to all our new and existing staff members regarding a fresh approach to essential health and safety.

We have seen a real benefit when administering and providing mandatory training to the staff as we are now not stopping production or slowing it down to give talks or training.

We also love that our staff can revisit training at any time on their app; it’s not just a tick box exercise anymore, so there is no excuse for any issues regarding mandatory safety procedures or essential quality control.

It is also freeing up time for our managers to spend more time managing production, quality control and pricing jobs.

We love how easy it is to implement and operate. The aftercare and support service has also been very good.

As with all new systems, it always takes a little bit getting used to, but after about 30 minutes on the platform, we were up and running and ready to go.

Jamie Lee Bushby, Office Manager, JLD Stone

What plans do you have for the future?

We plan to start doing our own in-house videos to help with basic quality control procedures and how to operate specific machines safely in association with our independent health and safety consultant. We can then make sure we have specific video training at hand and allow staff to revisit training at any time if they are unsure about a task or duty.

We will definitely be moving forward with Tribuco Knowledge Base for the foreseeable future and are quite excited about how we can transform not only our H&S but also improve on our quality control systems and procedures.


If you’d like to find out more about how Tribuco Knowledge base can revolutionise your health and safety training, please get in touch. Speak to one of our team direct – or complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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