Why Short Rewatchable Videos Will Be the Future Of Workplace Training

Anyone who’s ever worked a job before will have experienced workplace training. More than likely, they were given a thick handbook to read (or, more likely, skim over). Maybe they were taken around the company, briefly shown how everything worked, and expected to memorize everything at once. Perhaps someone wheeled out a long corporate video, or they were part of a day-long training day.


And when there’s a new machine or service or change to the business, it’s back to reading another boring email or attending another training summit. It’s time for a change.


68% of employees say that training and development is a company’s most important policy. After all, it’s usually the first experience a recruit will have with their new company, and it’s how they’ll be moulded for future success. But people are changing. We frequently refer to the “TikTok generation” but that’s more than just a name; the average person’s attention has shrank from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8.25 seconds in 2015.


That’s less than a goldfish.


Many companies still insist on long seminars and lengthy reading materials, but they’re missing out on the greatest learning tool at their disposal: video. 72% say they’d rather learn by video. Yet instructor-led training is still the most popular method of training, used by 93% of companies.


Why do companies fight the future? Some cite the potential costs of switching to video, including producing their own content and setting up delivery methods. That’s why Tribuco Knowledgebase has developed a revolutionary training method known as “microtraining”.


Our microtraining platform and app delivers short bursts of high-quality, rewatchable training content to employees or contractors. Viewable on any internet device, it immediately saves on costs and ensures that anyone can access content whenever and wherever they are.


We’ve taken the fundamentals of mandatory training and condensed them into short attention-grabbing videos. Quick, concise, and rewatchable, they ensure a consistent standard of training throughout your entire workforce. Job-specific microtraining videos can be sent out to the workforce before the work even starts, meaning no more handbooks, lengthy emails or costly training days.


Our app can be installed on smartphones and tablets, meaning employees are always a tap away from the latest training guidelines. Put up QR codes at workstations; employees simply scan them for on-the-job training, saving time, money, and manpower. We have a vast selection of training videos to choose from, and you can even add your own.


In the future, all training will be conducted by fast, effective, and efficient video content. Join the future today with Tribuco Knowledgebase’s microtraining platform.

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