Deliver ready-made
health and safety training
videos to your employees'
phones in seconds.

The average company spends £384 per employee, per year on induction and toolbox talk training.

Tribuco Knowledge Base can reduce that by over 75%.

How much are inductions and toolbox talks costing your business?

Training and toolbox talks are hidden drains on your company’s profitability.

Inefficiencies, delays and overruns mean that most companies are spending over twice as much time on these areas as they think they are.

Toolbox Talks

  • The average company sets aside 10 minutes per person for a toolbox talk
  • The actual recorded time for a toolbox talk is 50 minutes on average

Site Inductions

  • On average, businesses allow 35 minutes for a scheduled site induction
  • Actual site inductions take 65 minutes on average

How much could you save with Tribuco Knowledge Base?

Tribuco Knowledge base could reduce your toolbox talk and induction costs by over 75% – from £384 per employee per year to around £83!

Save employee time: video toolbox talks and inductions never overrun, and employees can fit them into their days flexibly.

Save manager time: free up your site managers, reducing the time they spend on training and inductions by over 90%.

How does Tribuco Knowledge Base Work?

With Tribuco Knowledge Base, you can distribute micro-learning induction and toolbox talk videos straight to your employees’ mobile devices.

Access ready-made training videos: Choose from hundreds of ready-made specialist videos, developed in conjunction with industry experts.

Upload custom content: Need something custom? Either upload your own videos directly to the platform, or we’ll work with you to product bespoke video content.

Distribute videos instantly: Group your employees by site or job function and assign videos in seconds. Send push notifications and SMS reminders, or print QR codes to place around your site.

Monitor progress: Easily track employee progress, set quizzes and store certification documents via our admin portal. Use our manager app to instantly confirm a user’s training progress on-site.

What our customers are saying

Using the Tribuco knowledge base app has reduced our site health & safety induction training times from approximately 50 minutes to under 10 minutes; this alone made it worth signing up to!

Not only have we saved time, but also the hassle and cost of arranging and delivering training, the whole experience has been a positive one.


If you’d like to find out more about how Tribuco Knowledge base can revolutionise your health and safety training, please get in touch. Speak to one of our team direct – or complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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